Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia's premier hill resort, is located on the Main Range of Peninsular Malaysia.  At 1,8,29 meters above sea level. Cameron Highlands is the largest of all Malaysian Hill resorts and has a temperature ranging from 16 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius.  Much of its appeal lies in the neat sprawling tea plantations that date back to 1929, as well as the terraced flower farms, strawberry farms and vegetable garden.

Cameron Highlands consists of a series of little towns that include Ringlet, Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Tringkap, Kuala Terla and Kampung Raja.  The total population is approximately 30,000 the majority of whom are employed in agriculture and the leisure industry.  The best tourist amenities can be found around Tanah Rata, the administrative center of highlands, but Brinchang is fast catching up with a number of hotels, service apartments and restaurants.

Farmer Working on theplantation


A Tea Story

Tea was first grown in Cameron Highlands in 1929 after it was discovered that the business could grow well in the highlands. 
Tea Pickers normally begin their work well before sunrise, plucking only the tender leaves of the tree bushes.  The leaves are then weighed at the hills before being transported to the factory for the processing.
At the factory,moisture is reduced in a process known as withering that stimulates the natural chemical reactions, a vital process to extract the tea's flavor.  The leaves are then milled by roto vans, setting the juices ready for the fermentation.
In recent years, the highland tea has been exotically flavored with oils, flowers, herbs and essences